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I blog random things, mostly insane, PERVERSE, out of love, in love, and strange. I read books, as to one would breathe air and feel alive.

I love to talk. I love words. Please talk to me.

Every 9th of the month is my Happy Bonbastic Day! Greet me on that day. Pwesh? :3

MKTO Wasted


Why not?


“I say it’s convenient to just walk away and let auto-fade tear the memory apart.
But love is relentless and merciless, it crashes into your soul like a burglar and leave you nothing.
Not at all.
Just mere evidence of decay and damage and forlorn.
You seem to understand but you don’t.
And you spill to the world you’re ripped for the nth time.”

—   "Distance"

“there, in the slightest contact of your skin to my elbow, i feel like a snow is melting inside me.
i start to burn.”

—   "Intermittent"

“Funny how I feel so uneasy whenever there’s a mention of his name. When his name is being replaced by the word cheater. It feels enraging. And yet I feel anxious every time.”

— “Venice to Morocco” 

"No, I just want to hold you… Give me love like never before cos lately I’ve been craving for more."


“There was silence. But in my head, you are loud in my head.”

—   elixirblogs